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Williamsburg Academy Folder Icon For Mac OS 10.5+ by SgtMjrTibbets Williamsburg Academy Folder Icon For Mac OS 10.5+ by SgtMjrTibbets
My first Computer Icon that I am posting to the public. It's a folder with my schools logo on it. The school happens to be an online charter school called Williamsburg Academy. Anyone from anywhere can join it.

The Official school website is here:

Take heed that this is a Mac OS 10.5 THEMED icon. It does NOT go all the way up to 520px X 520px like any standard Leopard Folder Icon because it was made using software on Mac OS 10.4 Tiger which does not support 520px X 520px Apple Icons. But as of now, that doesn't matter. Every Mac OS 10 operating system has the max size of an icon in Finder set to 128px X 128px which this Icon is of that quality.

Now. If you don't know how to copy this Icon over to another folder, I'll teach you in a three easy steps.

1. Find the folder that you want to paste the icon to. Now right-click it and select "Get Info" on the dropdown menu.

2. Find the Williamsburg Icon enclosed in the downloadable Archive file, then right click it and get it's info like you did with the folder.

3. You will see the info windows from both files (The folder you want to paste the icon to, and the icon, itself) that there is a smaller preview of the file in the top left-hand corner of the info window. Click on the icon preview of the WILLIAMSBURG folder ONCE then hit ⌘+C (Copy). Now go to the info window of the folder you want to paste the icon to and hit ITS preview icon ONCE. When you do that, hit ⌘+V (Paste).

You're icon should have successfully pasted over! If it doesn't appear, however, first try changing the folder's label color, then change it back to the label you had (Or back to no label for that matter). If you are STILL having issues, download and decompress the archive file again, and follow the steps above, again. If you STILL have problems, shoot me an email at and put in the subject box "Williamsburg Icon Trouble" so that I know what it's for, or else your message might be looked over and deleted. Thanks! I hope you enjoy!

Not from Williamsburg but want a folder with your schools logo? Shoot me an email (using the email above as who you are sending it to) with a picture of your schools logo, and title the message "School Folder Icon". I also can do it in what ever color you would like, including this Icon. Thanks for viewing!
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March 30, 2012
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